The history of Veneto is obviously deeply influenced by Venice, and this finding also applies to tourism today: the Serenissima itself as a destination to visit world famous as his region probably remains too often away ... wrongly of course! The famous lagoon to the first Alpine foothills, there are many things to discover ... Must Veneto Without doubt, Venice in first place: historic, magnificent museums, a unique decor ... N ' Please embraquer to the islands of the lagoon. Verona, the second, is a city of rich history and part of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare's tragedy ... perfect for a romantic weekend! Padua and Vicenza two towns each with an outstanding heritage. The northern borders of the region, the birth of the Alps, with on one side the beautiful Lake Garda, the other the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage! Itinerary in Veneto Veneto in northern Italy, is first known to be the region of Venice, the famous' 'Serene', one of the most attractive tourist cities and busiest fantasy of the world. his lagu

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