Warsaw, capital of Poland, is the capital of the Vo ivodie of Mazovia. With a population that counts 1, 7 million inhabitants, Warsaw is the largest city in Poland. It is also the eighth largest city in the European Union. Bordered by the Baltic Sea, Warsaw is not only a cultural and historical city, but also the economic center of Central Europe. It offers many attractions that are the pride of Poland. Moreover, it is surprising the number of buildings that traverse the urban landscape of this town, but they are the symbol of economic vitality that knows the capital of Poland since the country's entry into the European Union. Discover Warsaw Warsaw has experienced a particularly painful history, especially during the twentieth century, infamous for its Jewish ghetto established by the Nazis, these occupants have almost completely razed the city during World War II. The city has the Uprising Museum in Warsaw, recalling the 1944 events that shook the capital. Reconstruction has seriously altered the ancient heritage of Warsaw's old town, nice area to visit, and was rebuilt after the war. On the Place du Chateau, the Royal Palace, former residence of Polish kings, rebuilt in the 70s Do not miss the visit to the Wilanow Palace and its beautiful gardens: this castle is a rare monument of time in the city, which was built in the seventeenth century La Viei