In Valencia noon begins the saying goes! The city is in fact the south gate and the pleasant Mediterranean climate begins to feel! It has long been an important step on the road to Compostela. Here are some sites to visit as the home of the sixteenth century heads (the name is evocative little but the place very interesting!) Where are represented the head wind, time, law and other allegories, the famous Peynet kiosk built in 1860 immortalized by the famous designer in his drawings of the two lovers in 1942, the pendant built in 1548 is also worth visiting! The canals, parks and other green spaces make this city a pleasant place to walk and get some air. Enjoy during a St. Génix, delicious brioche with pink pralines and / or crown-shaped brioche pogne with orange flower or finally ravioli, the pasta filled with cheese and parsley! Also note the presence of numerous personalities born here as our charismatic rugby players Sebastien Chabal, the rock band Dionysos or the skyscraper climber Alain Robert! "