Tunis, the capital of Tunisia has managed for centuries charm the visitors astray by its mild climate and the beauty of its landscapes. Today, it offers all the travel lovers a stopover between land and sea ??combining both treasure the past and exhilaration of a people known for millennia for its hospitality to see and to do in Tunis. Visit Tunis, that is primarily s' venture into its streets and its history for find Tunis the authentic, this lovely town that has preserved its charm of yesteryear sheltered from the ravages of time souks.. how come Tunis and not visit its souks this is not only for shopping that we s' renders but also to discover people's life Medina of Tunis. The atmosphere is truly magical and you inevitably reminded one of one of the tales of the Arabian Nights. The entrance is through the & laquo; Porte de France & raquo ;. You will stroll through the narrow streets to discover a craft that sparkles of colors. You will stop by the vendors, you will hear children laughing ., men at the cafe All that, it's just Tunis and its souks who can preserve their beauty once the medina of Tunis. Tunis is a city where most people speak French and a little English and Italian, you may therefore not lost. They are very nice if you ask them your way. that is why nothing beats exploring the medina groping. engulf you, give in to your curiosity and the delights of its narrow streets, you stop to watch these beautiful typical doors Sip lemonade brief coffee experience the Tunis profound As you walk, you may also discover a monument, and probably the most beautiful, the great mosque Zitouna great mosque.!. the great Zitouna mosque, or mosque of the olive tree is the heart of the medina. Very impressive, this mosque was built in 698. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult for non-Muslims to visit. It will respect the customs and traditions but you can see the OUTSIDE