Toulouse, the well known 'Pink City', is a mix of big city with beautiful architecture with the incomparable atmosphere of the southwest of France. On the banks of the Garonne, Toulouse has a center full of charm, made up of many small streets (we'll let you guess the dominant color.) Which spin in any direction, before reaching the imposing Capitol Square, the heart of the city. Toulouse is old, its wealth and power have always verified. evidenced by his current position edge of new technologies, particularly in the aerospace sector. But the roots have to Toulouse, Occitan is still present on the panels, and the local cuisine without doubt never lose its consistency: duck, sausage cassoulet become, Toulouse and Haute-Garonne really seem the homeland of good-living . Toulouse: ride in the "pink city" of Toulouse architecture is especially marked by brick, the red-orange warm color gives it the nickname of & laquo; Pink & raquo ;. city The city also has some public buildings that are remarkable as the Railway Station, the Saint Michel prison and the Niel palace which all have a center of tourist interest. Visitors can even discover the Roman amphitheater of Purpan Ancely, which is one of the only practically intact buildings of the Roman era. This designation makes sense when one arrives on Capitol Square with pink bricks constituting the majority of buildings all around. Capitol Square is the heart of Toulouse. It is exclusively pedestrian. It s' is a unique place with the huge cross Occitan in the center of the square. The town hall and the opera are located there. Admire the frescoes arcades is particularly recommended. Those who have strolled or picnic along the banks of the Garonne in Toulouse don 'keep good memories. The banks of the Garonne are constantly the subject of various animations and varied both day and night. Group

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