Tuscany is perhaps the most iconic part of Italy. The Italian refinement that one usually associates with architecture is found in food and even in landscapes composed of hills punctuated by cypress groves. Tuscany it is not an essential step in the life of any traveler? So there are these famous Tuscan landscape, these campaigns of sight, strewn with stacks of hay and olive groves fed by the sun, with in the background the hills of the Apennines which fade as the it goes south. Pure wonders. Moreover, cities concentrate an impressive architectural heritage. When we think of Tuscany is Florence which comes immediately in mind cultural destination par excellence with many architectural treasures. There is also Pisa and its Leaning Tower connnue world. Not to mention Lucca or Siena and medieval-looking less talked about but that are worth the trip alone. Then comes the time to reach the coast, towards the Tuscan islands: Elba, olive groves and beaches, but also the peninsula of Monte Argentario, a place popular for its beautiful coves by the Romans and holidaymakers little known foreign tourists. Add to this a cuisine which is exported worldwide, drizzled with a delicious Chianti: a stay in Tuscany is the assurance of a remarkable journey. Tuscany: the inevitable In Florence you will discover many remarkable sites, starting with the churches, such as the dome of Brunelleschi, or the churches of San Miniato al Monte, San Lorenzo, Santa Maria Novella, and many others. If you have time stroll along the waterfront, along the banks of the Arno, you can admire a succession of beautiful bridges. Pisa is famous for its monumental place contruite at development of the city in the eleventh century: the Leaning Tower, the Duomo, the baptistery. but also a charming historic center, typically Tuscan. lucq

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