Toronto is like many a metropolis of the United States, except that it is located across the border in Canada. Toronto stands out as a cultural city, known for its film festival, one of the largest in the world, or its museums like the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario, the most prestigious ... radius curiosities, note Casa Loma, strange palace perched on a hill overlooking Toronto! Toronto, a modern and pleasant city Capital of Ontario, in Canada, Toronto is modern and internationally recognized as economic capital. Very dynamic, it is cosmopolitan and offers a varied culture. If at the general architecture does not find there any particular style, one can still notice an absolute modernity compared with multiple impressive skyscrapers in size. Further down artificial amenities such as parks and gardens have been integrated into the urban space, giving you the benefit of a pleasant moment of relaxation and quiet walks. We must not forget that not far from there, you can admire the falls. On the shores of Lake Ontario, one of the five Great Lakes of North America, Toronto became the first Canadian city, a finance center, i