Japanese culture is experiencing a growing success with the West through technology, robots, manga. Indeed, Tokyo, Japan's capital is the ideal city to delve into this amazing culture that perfectly combines an ultra-modern to ancient traditions. In excess section, Tokyo is undoubtedly the top spots, and the scenery word takes on its meaning. Tokyo, go to the heart of Japanese culture The City of Tokyo, capital of Japan, is a place where life is good. It is the ideal destination for a trip full of discoveries. Tokyo's attractions are both traditional and modern. Indeed, the two are complementary in the daily lives of Tokyoites. In any case, each of the attractions of this city will amaze you. Tokyo toggles epic sessions overpriced shopping and nightlife in sesquartiers packed with moments of calm when visiting temples or other religious gardens in the heart of the city, such as those of the gigantic palace. Another curiosity that will be revealed as early birds, the impressive Tsukiji market, the largest fish market in the world, to electrical activity. Better to provide some savings in reserve, because Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and life there does not stop, if ever. tour in Tokyo following a route that you will discover the striking contrasts of the Japanese capital, the picturesque old quarters and new ultra-modern quarters. This tour starts and ends at Tokyo Station, passing you by: The Imperial Palace Sensoji temple in Asakusa Odaiba Shinjuku prinicipaux japonaisLe The Imperial Palace is located neighborhoods in the district of Chiyoda, which in many ways is the center of all Japan, on just 12 km & sup2; is the Palace i