Like many Algerian cities, Tipaza is located on the coast. It has beautiful beaches, surrounded by reliefs (Mount Chenoua). The city has its origins in antiquity. Formerly Phoenician trading, before falling under the fold of the Roman Empire. In the distant past, Tipaza found traces because it is renowned for its archaeological remains being removed. Discovery of Tipaza in Algeria Tipaza is located 68 km west of Algiers on the coast. The city is famous for its beaches and for its Roman remains. Former empire colony in Tipaza 39 gets a long wall of over two kilometers. Hadrian erected later Tipaza as honorary colony. at the end of the second century, the city reached its peak with a population which amounts estimated at 20 000. Although it was surrounded by the Great Wall, this has not prevented its destruction in the year 430 by the Vandals. The archaeological site of Tipaza contains various relics, the remains of a basilica, cemetery, baths and an amphitheater. The archaeological site is quite fragmented and the ruins difficult to read, this is due to the fact that not everything has been cleared and that much of the city is still under sediment. The ruins are presented in two major groups. The first, located outside the walls at the entrance of the modern city, corresponds to a large necropolis with the funerary basilica of St. Salsa. The second is the arch & eac park