Thessaloniki is a city of Greece, is located at the bottom of the Thermaic Gulf. It has 363,987 inhabitants, the prevailing climate is humid subtropical. Many museums are to visit in this city such as the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of the White Tower, the National Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Photography. The city also houses many monuments: White Tower, Yeni Hamam, Hamza Bey Mosque and PashaHaman. Visitors can admire the beauty of the landscape of the city, with its hills, streams and beautiful mountains. The second city of Greece, Thessaloniki. The second city of Greece, Thessaloniki is located in the north of Greece into the Thermaic Gulf. The city stretches for several kilometers along the sea but the city center is not huge in the end. The center is nice to go there it walks through a set of pedestrian streets full of shops, restaurants, cafes ... and make sure you go for a ride on the old market, as a real souk in fact one more. But paradoxically, the main attraction of Thessaloniki is not in the city center but at the top of the old town and still stand the remains of the imposing ramparts that protected Thessaloniki was the time of the Byzantine Empire. These walls enclose between another former acropolis of the city (which is not). See also: the fortress of the Seven Towers which offers a beautiful view over the city. The ramparts lies the old town, this one has nothing to do with the rest of Thessaloniki, it is as if you then retrouviez in a village, with small quirky and colorful houses, a maze of alleys away from the rectilinear plan and a bit boring buildings in the rest of Thessaloniki. You can go directly to Thessaloniki from France, Ryan Air flies particular destination. since A