Canton du Tessin

The canton Ticino is the Italian canton cantons forming the Swiss federation. It takes its name from a tributary of the Po River. At his side, there is the Nufenen Pass, the Uri, Graubünden, Lombardy and Piedmont. It enjoys a privileged location as it lies just thirty kilometers from the Italian metropolis Milan. Its area is 2 812.2 km² for a population estimated at 336,000 Italian-speaking inhabitants. Lugano, Locarno and Bellinzona, the capital are the biggest cities in the region. In Bellinzona, you can see the three castles and the wall, a site registered in UNESCO. Discovery of canton Ticino in Switzerland. Ticino is a township located in southern Switzerland, is famous for the beauty of its winding valleys, verdant plains and lakes, the Lago di Lugano and Lago Maggiore. -The Lake Lugano is a glacial lake located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The lake, named after the city of Lugano, is situated between Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. One of the most famous sights of Lake Lugano is the Monte San Giorgio (1097 m), south of the lake. Monte San Giorgio is a wooded mountain became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. Another notable place is the village of Morcote, with its picturesque streets, beautiful arcades and villas. Morcote is also distinguished by its location, literally plated between the mountains and the lake. -The Lake Maggiore is the longest of the Italian Lakes with its 65 km long. Of Borromeo Bay between Stresa and Verbania, is blessed with three islands known as the Borromean Islands. These islands are not to be missed during a visit to Lake Maggiore. Isola Bella is known for its baroque palace. Isola Pescatori for its small picturesque fishing harbor, Isola Madre and its gardens. Ferry ensure connections between the islands, every day during the summer. You can visit the 3

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