A few kilometers south of Barcelona, ??Tarragona is more than just a resort, such as is found on both the https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/costa-dorada Costa Dorada. Great city also, Tarragona did not tell leash historical heritage level: thus, a whole Roman remains is classified by Unesco! Things to see and do in Tarragona: the must start with the beach, the great leitmotif of all holiday guests to Tarragona: swimming, sunbathing, beach activities, water sports are on the program. Do not forget the complementary activities of any tourist place: bars, clubs, casinos, golf, amusement parks ... https://www.cityzeum.com/port-aventura Ray visits the archaeological complex of Tarragona takes first place: it includes a series of remarkable Roman remains including the great amphitheater. Completed with a tour of the National Archaeological Museum. The https://www.cityzeum.com/cathedrale-de-tarragone St. Thecla cathedral amazes with its paces heterogeneous, a good starting point to explore the city center and its animation. Or sleep ? The full range of the resort is present in Tarragona: hotels display of 1 to 4 stars according to your desires for comfort, not to mention the hostels for the budget. Of course, the campsites are part of, as many holiday apartments. In the hinterland, for a different atmosphere, apartments ... Climate and season We are on the Costa Dorada sun and heat provided from the month of May and until October ... High known tourist season peaks in July and August. Travel advice: The nearest airport to Tarragona is Reus, where particular pose of low cost flights po