Taba is an Egyptian village near the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Israeli border. It offers a crossing point for travelers from Israel, with its luxury hotel with a casino. For nature lovers, it is home to mountains plunging into the open sea which are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful stretches of the Sinai coast. Along the coastal road, there are many tourist villages and golden beaches. This protected area contains caves, a chain of valleys and mountain passes. sports stay in Taba Taba is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts and luxury stays in luxurious surroundings. With dive sites world-renowned for their magnificent underwater treasures, Taba annually attracts amateur and professional diving for unique moments. You can admire the many species of colorful fish and magnificent coral reefs. For fans, feel free to take diving courses you can book in advance. In search of a royal residence, destination Taba Heights, luxury resort where you can stay in the most luxurious international hotels or visit upscale casinos. In addition to relaxation and sports activities, Taba remains an essential cultural destination where you can visit the Monastery of Saint Catherine, nestled in the mountains, or go and visit the island of the Pharaohs, surrounded by coral. Wherever you are in Taba, the heavenly view is guaranteed! More: http: //