If you want to see what the mix between the two ancient Roman and Hellenic powers had better go to Syracuse Italian city located southeast of Sicily. In the era of the Greek domination, it was presented as the most majestic and most beautiful Greek city also Archimedes genius who was one of its inhabitants has brought a touch to the atmosphere of Syracuse. Things to see and do in Syracuse: Since she was closely related to the Greek, it is not surprising that the city is at the origin of several mythologies. You will also discover the ruins that witnessed the great periods experienced by the city: - The Fountain of Arethusa: According to legend, it is said that the nymph Arethusa, who had bathed in the waters of the river god Alpheus was pursued by him. Frightened, the latter fled to Sicily and took refuge on Ortygia island where Artemis the goddess of hunting turned into the source. -L'Oreille Denys (Orecchio di Dionisio): it is a cave with a depth of about 65 meters, known for its unique acoustics, and whose shape is reminiscent of an ear. - Noto known as Garden of Stone, golden city, baroque city and Comedy city. This is a confusing city for the elegance of its architecture. You will discover the Church of St. Francis and the Ducezio Palace, seat of the Town Hall. Opposite the Cathedral Saint Nicolas of Mira, stands the palace of the archbishop, Villadorata Palace, seat of the Library and the Church Saint Dominique Color Honey. - Palazzo Acréide: this is a charming little town in the Baroque style which has a Greek theater on the site of Akrai founded by Syracuse, St. Paul's Church, St Nicolas and Zocco and Cappellari palace. The corners where to sleep: Enjoy the harmony of architecture htt