Surin is located in the Kingdom of Thailand. This is a city that set the capital of the province of the same name. The resort is a good destination for lovers of elephants. Just to its proximity, there is Ban Tha Klang dubbed the "elephant village". This is the visit we will have the feeling of having found throughout Thailand. Surin enjoys a privileged position near the Cambodian border. The mountain range that separates the two countries is a good place for excursions and hikes in the mountains. The remains of the ancient cities Khmers are the main points of historical interest of the city. Surin Beach is located in Thailand, close to Laem Sing Beach. This is an important seaside resort of the country and an ideal destination for people wanting more tranquility. The beach remains uncrowded. We can arrange tours, barbecues and hikes. This is an important bathing. Particularity, the village the beach is lined with pine trees instead of palms. One can enjoy water sports at the Sea The hotel facilities abound. Hotels, local crafts shops and restaurants.