Sri Lanka

It is sometimes nicknamed the '' teardrop of India '', a tear would escape because Sri Lanka is far from its imposing neighbor than thirty kilometers! One might therefore think that the island is an Indian miniature replica, but the reality is different. Sri Lanka has a history and a culture that developed on their own terms, and this trip, all drenched scents of Asia, promises to be like no other ... people and their everyday life, traditions, the teeming cities and quiet villages, nature parks and beautiful beaches, the program is more qu'alléchant! Things to see and do in Sri Lanka A lot of thing, visit the capital Colombo, venturing to the mountainous interior of the island, discover some remarkable national parks, elephants meet, admire the landscapes of tea plantations, temples of the cultural Triangle, beaches '' dream '', spices and Sri Lankan cuisine, customs and clothes, the colors, the culture ... in no particular order! Or sleep ? Large modern resorts serve foothold for tour operators to organize their package holidays to Sri Lanka. It does not skimp on equipment to meet all the wishes of tourists, who come in droves ... and pay relatively expensive! For a completely different atmosphere, aim for guesthouses, small budget hotels or rent for more immersion! Climate and seasons: from when? The most suitable time for a trip to Sri Lanka runs from January to April, when the humidity is lower and the sun shines the most! The tropical climate of the island means it's warm all year. The monsoon occurs roughly from May to October, the period when the precipitate

Vidéo Ancien Temple