Third largest city in Tunisia, Sousse is a top tourist attraction in the country each year attracting many tourists coming to enjoy both of its mild climate, its beaches but also for its vibrant nightlife. Sousse also has a typical Arab medina world heritage of UNESCO. To see and do in Sousse: Often called the pearl of the Sahel, Sousse offers the traveler many facets and many holiday themes. So, however you can program a cultural holiday, a relaxing trip or a festive trip with friends. Sousse has developed its tourism product mainly around the seaside activity. The region has indeed long sandy beaches renowned throughout the Mediterranean and where European tourists come to enjoy cheap sun. The majority of hotels are still located on the waterfront to offer their customers immediate access to the beaches. But the city is moving in recent years towards cultural tourism thanks to its well-preserved heritage. The Medina of Sousse, a World Heritage Site in 1988, is certainly essential element for any heritage enthusiast. Dating back to the early decades of Islam, the first enclosure was erected by the Aghlabids the 9th century to protect their capital and the military port. The mosque itself displays a martial air with his imposing minaret-like tower. The walls are still largely visible today, and access to the old town is still done through the gates, the largest of which is Bab El Bhar facing the European city. Evidence of good cohabitation of different Abrahamic religions in Tunisia, the many mosques in the city (such as Bu Ftata Mosque, the oldest) mix of religious buildings of other religions. One can admire the synagogue