Situated in Central Europe, Slovakia impresses with its grand cultural heritage. Indeed, thanks to various influences such as German culture, Austrian and Slavic, she eventually build an extraordinary personality. It is equipped with, various sites and monuments that are part of its historical and architectural heritage. Thus, activities are many and promise to all visitors unforgettable moments. Slovakia: real small jewels with a thousand faces between Prague, Vienna and Budapest, the three neighboring capitals Slovakia and major destinations of European tourism, we quickly tend to overlook Slovakia. Long compressed in the Empire of Austria-Hungary, then forming one with the Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia), Slovakia will become an independent entity since 1993. Nevertheless, and throughout its history, it has not given up to acquire an identity of its own. Nowadays, any trip to Slovakia through the capital Bratislava directly established on the Danube at the western end of the country. The river established as a border between the plains of southern Slovakia and regions marked terrain north, where begins the Carpathians. surely we appreciate the discovery of the Slovak countryside, dotted with

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