A seaside resort over the coasts of Catalonia? Yes and no, because Sitges fate of ordinary post resorts 60s, thanks to its cosmopolitan side have long started when some hippies had made their home near the beautiful beaches of corner. Today resort full swing in the summer, Sitges remains renowned for the variety of its summer population, among whom there are many intellectuals and artists, but also a large gay community; Sitges has become a mecca gay tourism in Spain (the '' San Francisco Catalonia ''!). The old center has retained its charms, but the clearest one passes his time at the beach, often a little cramped ... as in recreational areas at night, or bars and clubs abound to the open throughout the summer! Sitges becomes quieter off-season, while temperatures are slow to fall: Catalan climate is decidedly friendly. Successful holiday in Sitges. Sitges is the most popular resort in the immediate vicinity of Barcelona. Sitges was at the beginning of the twentieth century a small quiet fishing village, now it is one of the most expensive places and the hippest of Spain .... the nightlife is very lively. The old center is no shortage of charm with its narrow streets and typical Spanish atmosphere. Be sure to also visit the museum Cau Ferrat and Maricel. Apart from the summer a good time to go to S

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