In the concert of the largest metropolises in the world, Shanghai is one of the main economic engines of China with Beijing and Hong Kong. Of course, each has its own style and its history: Shanghai is characterized by a dual identity makes it exciting to visit: upstream, the well-known image of Pudong and its countless skyscrapers, the '' Skyline 'Chinese modern showcase of an entire country and downstream, the old Chinese city, keep the old Shanghai, where the amazing European paces of the Bund, remind of the colonial past of the city. But Shanghai is also a mood to share in China, a city where life is animated day and night! Discovery of Shanghai is one of the economic powerhouses of China. Showcase of modern China, Shanghai is a modern destination with its impressive business district and tall skyscrapers, planted right on the sea (Shanghai means 'sea' '): it climbs into the' 'Pearl of the Orient' 'high tower through which the whole city offers panorama. The city is bisected by the Huangpu River, to the west is the Puxi area and is the area of ??Pudong. Puxi brings together the oldest and modern Pudong Shanghai with its forest of skyscrapers. Regarding the old Shanghai, the Bund district includes many buildings from the colonial era. Another neighborhood with traces of the colonial era, it is the French Concession, a green area once known as the Paris of the East. Huangpu is the name of Shanghai's traditional center, where the People's Square is located, People's Park, the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and the City Hall. The oldest district of Shanghai Nanshi, or you can see much of the old wooden architecture of Shanghai. Moving on to the other side of the Huangpu River and change the time with the district of Pudong, the financial and commercial center, with skyscrapers, museums and