The "Country of the Teranga" is the nickname that is attributed to Senegal, sharing of land and wealth. And it is not wrong, because this country visit with the heart and the hospitality is deeply rooted there! Beyond a lush and generous, Senegal has not only a unique culture, but also a beautiful heritage. Of course, you will spend time on the sandy beaches, but you also love to get lost in the tumult of his warm and noisy streets. The Senegal: History and Cultures European colony until 1960, the year of its independence, first the Senegal was occupied by the Portuguese who established there the slave. The following years have followed their British slavers, French and Dutch. Today independent republic, the country serves as a model for stable democracy. The President of the Republic is the Head of State of the country elected by direct universal suffrage for a term of five years renewable once. Geographical situation Senegal is a country which, because of its geographical location, is subject to various climatic influences originally varied natural landscapes ranging from desert Sahel in the north to the tropical vegetation of Casamance in the south, through the savannas tree. The Senegal attracts primarily to the practice of seaside tourism: the two main cities, Dakar, capital and economic center, or St. Louis, and colonial architecture, are located both on

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