Zaragoza is one of the major Spanish cities with over 600,000 inhabitants; it is the capital of its region, Aragon. On these northern lands under Spanish territory, the city has seen in its history scroll multiple occupancy, Romans, Muslims, and Catholics of the Kingdom of Aragon, each enriching the existing heritage of the city. Zaragoza is located on the banks of the Ebro, and is easily recognized the silhouette along the water Basilica Nuestra Senora del Pilar, a remarkable example of Spanish baroque architecture. The religious heritage also includes the Cathedral of San Salvador and its mixture of architectural styles. Last vestige of the Muslim period, the AljaferĂ­a Palace is a fortified residence of the eleventh century. In a more recent book, a tower is needed in the halls of Zaragoza, which are among the finest examples of Renaissance style of the city. The opportunity to also blend into a modern and lively city, where leisure and cultural activities abound.