The Saône-et-Loire is a French department, named after the main river running through it, namely the Saône and Loire. The Saône-et-Loire is the seventh largest department in France and denser in the region of Burgundy in terms of population. The west of the county is covered by the hills of the Autunois, the region around Autun, of the Charollais and Maconnais. In the center it is crossed from north to south by the Saône. In the east, the department occupies the northern part of the plain of Bresse. In the west lies the industrial oeur c: Le Creusot and Montceau-les-Mines. The department bases its tourism on its varied landscapes (plains of Bresse, hills Maconnais and Charolais, Morvan Mountains), renowned gastronomy (Burgundy wines, Charolais b egg, Bresse chicken, etc.), rich historical and cultural heritage (Bibracte, Autun, Cluny, Paray-le-Monial, Brionnais, the castle of Pierre de Bresse etc.). The department is also crisscrossed with bike paths including the greenway. At the usual tourist attractions in Saône et Loire include: the Abbey of Cluny, the village and its surroundings, the town of Bibracte, the town of Paray-le-Monial, Rolin museum, the castle of La Clayette, the circuits in the footsteps of Lamartine, the town of Autun, the greenway, downtown Macon, the village of Bourbon-Lancy, the castle of Pierre-de-Bresse, the fuiviales cruises on the Canal du Centre or the Saone , witnesses castles in the history of the region, Solutré rock, the villages of the area wineries ..... a weekend is not enough, far from it!

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