North of Spain, Santander is a big step on the coast of Cantabria: the city extends to the bottom of a beautiful bay, sparse some beautiful sandy beaches. Santander is thus seen to resort to large dynamic city, but also of active commercial port. Things to see and do in Santander in the city center, we discover the historical heritage of Santander and its lively atmosphere. Leisure resorts are favorites of the party during the summer season: beach lounging, swimming, water sports, golf, evenings at the casino ... Do not forsake the vicinity of Santander, along the beautiful Cantabrian coast in the lands. The way to Saint Jacques de Compostela does not go very far. Kitchen and culinary Santander seems to be strong to always mix genres: here, the influences of the sea and the earth are found in your plates with seafood, anchovies and fried calamari, but the meat and a regional specialty, the Cocido montañés ... Where to sleep around? The large 5-star little more modest hotel, it is within your budget in the center of Santander Remember the rentals of apartments, often advantageous for longer stays. Other hotels, homes, rentals and campsites are present in the vicinity of Santander, near the ... generally Climate Sea tourist season extends mainly in the months of July and August, when it's there world on beaches and more sunshine. The ocean influences make the atmosphere quickly becomes wet off-season, although tem