Blessed by nature, Sainte-Maxime is located between, on one side, the wooded hills and the beautiful scenery of the Massif des Maure and the other side, the beautiful Mediterranean city providing the best beaches which brought him the Pavilion European blue in 2005. You will find in this beautiful Provençal town tranquility, rest and desired calm. Things to see and do in Sainte-Maxime: Along the Mediterranean, more than 10 kilometers, six as beautiful beaches as each other waiting for you. The beach of the city center offers a breathtaking view of the Gulf and allows you to enjoy the entertainment center and the amenities. The beautiful Nartelle Beach is known as a family beach where several water activities are offered. Or the muse of Jean Bruhaff in his comic strip "Babar travel" in 1932: the beach elephants. Not to mention the beach of the Croisette, the beach and the Madrague beach Garnotte. Go for a cruise on board the "Green Charter" to visit the sites of the French Riviera. The departure is the port of Sainte-Maxime. You can book by calling +33 (0) 4 94 49 29 39. To observe the marine life book Aquascope by calling +33 (0) 6 16 60 11 11. The tour lasts 30 minutes and is commented. Nature lovers, Sainte-Maxime offers organized hikes. You will be accompanied by professional wildlife and flora that will make you discover "Little Corsican" a natural peninsula, magnificent views of the Gulf, the Deffend highlight that offers a truly splendid view! Other than land and sea, there are also museums in Sainte-Maxime. One of the Square Tower located in the church square facing the harbor where you will find collections of objects n