Town in the Var department, popular summer holiday resort on the French Riviera. Everything is done for the vacationer the pleasures of the Casinos at the many nightclubs through a Congress Palace in attracting business tourism. However, the city can also boast a rich history, evidenced by the museum of prehistory and underwater archeology collections that presents prehistoric and Gallo-Roman found by archaeologists in Saint Raphael. In addition, the XII century remains of walls with high watchtower of 30 meters shows the importance of the city in medieval times. Admire the Notre-Dame-de-la-Victoire built in 1887 with its ocher colored facade of neo-Byzantine style, or the Church of St. Raphael in the Romanesque style of the XII century. The city is surrounded by the Esterel conducive to great hikes with stunning views of the sea Where to stay in Saint-Raphaël? First question, how to find accommodation Saint-Raphaël in full summer season? One solution, book well in advance to ensure a place somewhere, and if possible avoid paying full price! Accommodation in Saint-Raphaël, as everywhere on the Cote d'Azur, is not cheap, and prices rise in summer ... Seaside resort to success, the offer is wide, however: in the small historical center and near the Old Port, you can enjoy staying in close proximity of restaurants, bars, shops ... in short, in the heart of the atmosphere of Saint Raphael, with the bonus station close by. Not always easy drive however. The car will also handy to enjoy the many hotels, tourist residences, guest houses etc ... outside the center. There are some beautiful places on the side of the marina and farther, and along the Corniche road, the sea view is priceless