The former capital of the Tsars of Russia, founded by Peter the Great in the eighteenth, is an architectural treasure recognized by UNESCO since the city is a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Built on the delta of the Neva River, in northern Russia near the Finnish border, St. Petersburg's canals spanned by crossing its famous bridges connecting boulevards, squares, gardens. beautiful decor takes us in a novel by Dostoyevsky along Nevsky Prospect, from the Winter Palace. Discover Saint Petersburg. St. Petersburg is a city renowned for its architectural treasure which earned him a World Heritage designation by UNESCO. Architectural pearls baroque churches of great beauty, majestic palaces, fountains, flower gardens, canals and the famous "perspectives" that cross the city are among the most popular attractions. Moreover, in every corner, the city reveals a new stage set for visitors, which makes her a dream destination for a stay of discovery. Admire the beauty of St. PétersbourgLe scenery of the city of St. Petersburg that evokes that Dostoevsky portrayed in his novels. The town has many remarkable monuments such as the Saint-Sauveur cathedral and typically Russian domes. In addition, there are many museums that guarantee visitors a culturally loaded stay. Things to see and do in St. Petersburg Staying in St. PétersbourgLes remarkable monuments are many, beginning with the Saint-Sauveur cathedral and typically Russian cupolas, as are museums that guarantee a culturally loaded stay. Try the white nights of St Petersburg, when in June the sun never sets during a week the opportunity for locals to party all '' night ''. St. Petersburg obviously seems a step n

Vidéo Nevsky prospekt

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