The Dominican Republic is one of the tourist destinations most fashionable Caribbean, thanks to its beautiful beaches and seaside resorts' all inclusive '' combined in affordable holidays ... And oddly, Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo) appears only rarely in the program of these deals, many tourists preferring to focus on leisure and relaxing at the beach. Yet the capital of '' Rep Dom '' should be a must for any trip on the island, if only for its outstanding historical heritage: the colonial town is classified as a whole by Unesco! Things to see and do in Santo Domingo's colonial city in other words, the historical center, fully classified by Unesco. Stroll through the streets of this quite extensive area, discovering remarkable architectural elements: the colonial houses, the Cathedral Santa Maria la Menor, the -13,625 Alcázar de Colón, the Fortaleza Ozama ... Discovery of Santo Domingo's colonial zone is not all, take the time to venture in other neighborhoods, parks, visit museums of the capital, or exit at Malecón, the lively seafront. Beach and relaxation: if the desire of white sand and azure water is too pregnant, Boca Chica is only about twenty kilometers away. We took the opportunity for a diving session. History of Santo Domingo The origin of Santo Domingo began in the early sixteenth century, when it was founded by Spanish settlers: the first European city in America! In the historic center, there are the houses of the explorer Christopher Columbus and