What's common between the wooded areas of Kamchatka, the Moscow Kremlin, the frozen Siberian raw Caucasus mountains and the plain of Moscow? Not much, if not all belong to Russia, a country whose dimensions exceed the reason ... To the delight of tourists and seasoned travelers! Russia: a vast and colorful country! Russia is simply the largest constituted state of the world, whose boundaries coexist with both countries of the European Union to end the border of China and of the Bering Sea! This totally disproportionate territory is populated mainly in its western part, where there are large Russian cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg. It is here that took place the Russian epic over the centuries, nourished many adventures between great empires and revolutions ... It then enters the immensity of your iga, thick boreal forest gives way to vast http : // desert steppes and icy Siberia ... and above all, who has not dreamed of crossing the Russian aboard the legendary Trans-Siberian revive Blaise Cendrars's prose? Things to see and do in Russia is difficult to go into detail with a territory of this size! Saint-P & eacu

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