Rouen is an integral part of the history of France. This city and its epics we have all made dream with his knight stories! Rouen but it's also a city that has managed to reconcile the treasures of its past and its rich daily and where people like to live. Getaway will not leave you indifferent. Things to see and do in Rouen: start our journey through the corridors of time. The visit of some monuments really worth a visit, such as the Notre-Dame cathedral: you can not miss it, it dominates the city from its imposing architecture. Originally its location, the Romanesque cathedral which was, subsequently replaced in the twelfth century by the Notre Dame Cathedral. But it will take a hundred years to be completed and become what you can contemplate today. Monet and Fox Lichtenstein are the authors of some works that you can discover. Today still, the cathedral hosts many events such as sound and light shows, or the Christmas market. The visit to the cathedral is free and you can get there by public transport. The Wax Museum Joan of Arc: true emblem in Rouen, Joan of Arc is everywhere. This museum is a wax gallery of fifty characters that traces all the major stages of his life. The museum is really impressive with a sound that will accompany you on your visit. Address: 33 Old Market Place - Tel: 02 35 88 February 70). It will take around 5 & euro; entry for an adult. The corners where to sleep: Hotels in Rouen are of very good quality. You can find very good close to the city center or along the Seine, but sleeping is good value for money, especially if you are a group, we recommend testing the cottages