Rocamadour City is known for centuries for its rich architecture and religious monuments. Indeed, this city of France plays a big role in Christian history and has preserved despite the ravages of time very beautiful places to visit. Things to see and do in Rocamadour Rocamadour is above all a religious city famous for its monuments which are the subject matter, pilgrimage. Getting there without visiting would not augur. Sanctuaries: the sanctuaries have had their heyday between the XII and XIV century when the city received all the pilgrims of the Christian West. Housing the Black Madonna in the miraculous chapel of Our Lady, she was again the subject of pilgrimage since the 19th century. Getting there is simple; from the city center, you have to take the Grand Staircase. (For further information: Tel: 05 65 33 23 23). Rocamadour is also a historical city which has kept its old visitable remains and we can discover real treasures, such as The Castle of Assier: The castle is a real model of the art of Renaissance knew that the Loire Valley in the sixteenth century. It was finished in 1535 and its construction was the beginning of the architecture of pleasure palaces. Having suffered some wear over time, it is still possible to see the entrance wing pierced with a portal cranes. To visit, you can inquire at the 05 65 40 40 99. It will take about 3 € to visit. The corners where to sleep: in Rocamadour, you can choose your accommodation on a variety of formulas. The hotel, lodges or guest houses are welcoming and warm places. However, we recommend testing the guest houses that have the particularity of vou