The river Rhone gives its name to this department. Its geography is alternating highlands and plateaus. The climate is harsh and dry in winter and hot in summer. The city of Lyon is the arts and cultural center of this department, including multiple international exhibitions like the salon of contemporary art it houses. Its historic center is also the subject of particular interest from the architectural specialists. The few remaining medieval castles in the Rhône are many historical sites to visit. The department is extremely popular with wine lovers and wine tasting, attracted by the renowned Beaujolais. See also the list of hotels in Lyon Discover Beaujolais in the Rhône Beaujolais, is celebrated every year without always knowing where it came ... and that's a shame, because the 'Beaujolais country,' 'in the northern department of http://www.rhonetourisme.com/ Rhône, is a beautiful area that deserves to be traveled to and fro! To follow the wine routes, different routes are possible: one passes easily basement cellar and tasting tasting, discover the different flavors of the Beaujolais. By car, but also cycling for the more energetic, or why rustic hiking through the vineyards and mountains that make up the landscape ... the formulas are different, depending on the time available. From Lyon, essential step in the Rhône, cross the beautiful country of '' golden stone '', lined with charming southern villages, before reaching Villefranche then Beaujeu, at the heart of Beaujolais. Kingdom of

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