Small emirate that overlooks the Persian Gulf, Qatar is not less rich state thanks to its oil and gas reserves. tourist destination still on the sidelines, Qatar opens gradually to foreign visitors. Its capital, Doha, has the country's only international airport. While connected, it can reach other major tourist cities such as Duba i or Abu Dhabi . Discover Qatar Qatar is a small country located on a peninsula jutting into the Persian Gulf, north of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to its oil and gas resources Qatar can boast a higher per capita income in Western Europe. Doha, the capital is as such the most striking example of this economic success. It is a modern city or the buildings are mushrooming. It is also in Doha are the main sites and monuments that attract visitors to Qatar: Museum of Islamic Art on the Doha Port, the Museum of Modern Art of the Arab world, the Archaeological Museum and Ethnological Al Khor, the museum of Orientalists, the Weapons museum and War, Al Koot fort built in 1880 during the Ottoman period, the Clock Tower next to the Grand Mosque, the Souq Waqif, the Co