Bathed by the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, Puglia nestle in the & laquo; Heel & raquo; the & laquo; boot & raquo; Italian. easternmost region of Italy, it has the longest coastline. In addition, this region forms a vast territory, with an area of ??up to 19 km & sup2 ;. 000 Puglia have many attractions: small villages crushed by the sun, picturesque fishing villages clinging to the cliffs, walk or bike, small diving in the Adriatic ..; so much to do and discover once there ! Puglia, that there is to discover a city with many beautiful landscapes and Puglia seduce the traveler at first glance. They draw a green landscape with fields of wheat out of sight, vineyards and thousands of olive trees. Everywhere where we go, there are some carob, fig and almond trees as well as sheep grazing peacefully in the fields. In Puglia there are Locorotondo, a town of white houses, leaning on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley and the spring turns into an explosion of colors and scents. Going towards the coast, Puglia unveil another cultural facet between Otranto and Leuca, southeast. Not far away, heading toward the center of the region, appear strange small stone houses in the conical roof whose origin remains mysterious. A hundred kilometers away, the old town of Taranto is another marvel of art and history. And for those who prefer to dive into history, Apulia offers a wide range of sites that evoke the ancestral origins of this land. Puglia colorésVenez landscapes discover Apulia in the far south of Italy: beach, sun, lifestyle and historical heritage await you with 800km of coast on the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, you will. spoiled for choice for beaches. You will find not only offers holidays in Puglia, but also

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