Porticcio is part of the municipality Corsica Grossto-Prugna. Like most Corsican villages, it is divided into Porticcio hamlet which is a seaside resort. It benefits from an exceptional natural setting made of greenery and sea! Porticcio has often been neglected in favor of other more tourist areas, but in recent years the popularity of visitors is increasing and demonstrates the richness of this small piece of land. Things to see and do in Porticcio Porticcio Discover is primarily go to the exceptional scenery encounter which have kept all their beauty. Porticcio is also the calm and authenticity of a village and its inhabitants that bring a timeless touch to stay. The Corsican maquis scrubland when we say we obviously thinking of Corsica. With its dense vegetation and wild boars! But the idea we actually nothing compared to his visit! Just feel all the smells to achieve it. Between holm oak, cork oak, myrtle and other fragrant trees, one gets drunk just to get started. A stroll in the bush offers a real range of plants but insects and small animals. The forest of Coti-Chiavari forest surrounds this former penitentiary Chiavari founded in 1855. You can still see the ruins between Verghia and Coti-Chiavari. It is a few kilometers from Porticcio, why can participate in walks organized by the Tourist Board from Porticcio. The beaches of Porticcio: this may sound conventional for a village of Corsica, but the beaches of Porticcio are incredibly beautiful. Besides, it is not by chance that it was awarded the European Blue Flag several times since 1997. The Blue Flag is an environmental label that certifies that the seaside town is nice. Porticcio beaches are animated. You can practice more