If you have chosen to visit the Pompeii site for the first time, you will be amazed and absorb the unique atmosphere. World Heritage of UNESCO, you will soon discover the reason for visiting there. Things to see and do in Pompeii: It takes at least a day to fully explore the site to detail. As you may know, the city was amazingly preserved after the eruption of Vesuvius, it covers nearly 65 hectares with two entrances, one in the southeast near the amphitheater, the other southwest, here are the places that will most great impression on you - the Foro triangolare: remains of a temple dating from the eleventh century BC It also has multiple dwellings (Casa del Menandro, Casa di LC Secundus, Casa del Criptoportico ...), decorated with mosaics and frescoes. - Anfiteatro: the oldest amphitheater of the Roman world (1st century J-C). It has been very well preserved. - Villa dei Misteri (Villa of the Mysteries): one of the prettiest houses on the site, you will see include frescoes depicting certain steps in the worship of the God Dionysus. - Archaeological Museum of Naples: We suggest you spice up your exploration of Pompeii site by a trip to the Archaeological Museum of Naples. Lots of Pompeian mosaic is preserved in the museum. The corners where to sleep: A full day is enough to see the most important places but if you want to see the sunrise over this beautiful site you can spend the night in one of these hotels: - http: / /www.pompeihotel.com/ Hotel Diana Pompei Vicolo Sant'Abbondio 12, 80045 Pompeii Naples -Tel: +39 081 863 1264. - Hotel Visagi Pompei: Ripuaria Via, 99, 80045 Pompeii Naples -Tel: +39 081 536 8389. -Albergo Pace