Italy is superb and the Region Tuscany in particular. Imagine a city of character, Pisa, capital of the province of Tuscany. Throw in a majestic and historic heritage of the most famous. The Accompany all of one of the most demanding culinary traditions of Italy. You will get a cultural city full of discoveries with people both warm and friendly welcome in Pisa Discover Pisa and surroundings soon as one evokes Pisa, we intanstanément comes to mind its famous leaning tower, subject to the arrival of so many visitors. most are photographed while they '' flip '' the building. Indeed, Pisa tower is certainly a show surprisingly, among the symbols of Italy, but it is contemplated that the bottom because it is closed to the public. alongside the tower, the majestic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in addition to this architectural extraordinary; everything is complemented by white marble baptistery which stands opposite the cathedral. Pisa is worth the trip, if only for the chance to admire these three exceptional monuments, then it's time to discover more about the rest of the city. Things to see and do in Pisa Emblematic of this city, we could tell you about it without starting with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Torre Pendente: it is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In reality, it's the belfry of the cathedral. It took two centuries to complete its construction, which began in 1173. Imagine that it looks exactly 5. 4 meters away. For about 2 & euro ;, it is possible to visit the Cathedral of Pisa and discover its tower. Camposanto: literally meaning the land Saint is a monument which acted in an era cemetery and whose land would be according to legend, saint. We can today see frescoes on the walls of the XIII century building. The Museum of Sinopie: & laquo; sinopias & raquo; refers to the red soil of Syria. several neck