The Picardy region is not a tourist destination whose name is responsible for dream much rather dream to rain and endless expanses of fields. It is true that Picardy is an important agricultural area, but the three departments that compose the Aisne, Oise and Somme being, not lacking in any case of sites of interest: Amiens and houses the remarkable Notre -Dame, one of the largest in Europe and an important cultural heritage. The Oise department is recognized as having the largest number of monuments, including counting the Chantilly Castle. The Picardy countryside lends itself perfectly to tourism, through its many rural communities, alternating landscape of groves, vast farmlands, forests and rivers, to the shores of the English Channel, the Bay of Somme. Picardy and culinary specialties. At the crossroads of the Île de France, Champagne, Normandy and Flanders, and further having a coastline, Picardy offers visitors a cuisine influenced by neighboring regions. One example: the Picardy string, savory pancake filled with a white sauce, mushrooms sliced ??paris, parsley and white diced ham; sometimes with grated Emmentaler or gratin dish. The Amiens sausage, made with veal tripe. Maroilles pie, whipped cream, and chouquettes, munchies sugar sprinkled donuts. Sea and countryside in Picardy Picardy is a great destination to go green. For those who live in Paris, for example, the getaway is easy to organize thanks to the proximity of the http://picardietourisme.com/fr/index.aspx Picardie, which can be reached in a few hours by train or car . In Aisne or in the Oise and in the hinterland of the Somme, there are some beautiful country areas, many small towns and villages.

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