When we know that Piana is classified world interest by UNESCO, from when we understand the beauty of this site. Located in Corsica, the village overlooks the Gulf of Porto overlooking the beauty of its imposing and can be seen in the horizon of the peninsulas Senino and Scandola. Things to see and do in Piana: Picturesque village of Piana that with these pretty little white houses that blend harmoniously with the blue of the sky ... Ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, Piana is a tourist site that offers discovery between wonderful nature, culture or gastronomy! Enjoy nature: We can not ignore nature! Imposing, it seems like we challenge: among jagged coastline, dense forests and the famous Calanche de Piana is more than a day it takes to find them. For this we may decide to participate in marked hikes. Discover the Creeks: They are as famous as the https://www.cityzeum.com/tour-eiffel Eiffel Tower, go to Piana is an obligatory passage through this narrow road that leads to these peaks red garnishes that fall in the sea. It is thanks to erosion that can discover such a beautiful work of nature. Calanche of Piana shredded by the winds and waters are a true work of art. One can also enjoy a good hike to discover this surprising and you will feel the mountain plunges into the sea! Tower Piana Piana also offers a beautiful legacy of the past. Evidenced by the way, the tour Piana is a Genoese tower, incredibly well preserved. The Casabianca: another relic of the past to discover, a work sculpted by Noël Bonardi. The Casabiance reminds us of a time in history of Corsica during WWII. Corsica