Phnom Penh

Formerly known by the nickname '' the Pearl of Asia ', Phnom Penh is a city of importance of the Indochinese peninsula for a long time now, as from the fifteenth century it became the capital of the Khmer Empire, which ruled the region ; the city is building momentum in the nineteenth, the center of political power and then colonized by the French, who were soon to Phnom Penh provide modern infrastructure ... these successive periods, we find interesting stories in Phnom Penh, with some remarkable monuments such as the ancient Buddhist temples, Wat Phnom and these high statues, built in the fourteenth; in a more recent registry, the royal palace (XIX) and the Silver Pagoda remain major unavoidable, and we appreciate the colonial architecture remains still visible in some areas. Difficult to visit Phnom Penh bypassing the genocidal crime museum, which preserves the memory of a very dark period of history. then returns to the current Cambodian life, in the markets of the capital, on land or floating on the waters Mekong Delta.

Vidéo temple de style khmer