We can not say that the great American cities particularly attractive for their historical heritage, which is not necessarily the case for all, to the Philadelphia image. The city was founded in the seventeenth century and is developing rapidly, becoming the largest of the thirteen original colonies of the United States. Philadelphia will remain the heart of the history of the United States, because the constitution so dear to the country was drafted here. So, in addition to traditional and ethnic downtown and residential neighborhoods (avoiding certain neighborhoods gheto ized) basis of all urban morphology of a large American city, Philadelphia has a historical center, some buildings date back to the eighteenth century. A city that stands apart in the concert of major US cities. Major attractions in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is in the southern Pennsylvania is the fourth largest urban area in the United States and the fifth largest city. Due to the size of Philadelphia, there are very large residential neighborhoods that most visitors never see. For most tourists, Philadelphia discovery logically starts in the "center" of Philadelphia or are: the business district, Old Town, West Philly, South Philly and Northern Liberties (the latter is the trendy out) . In downtown Philadelphia you will discover: the magnificent City Hall, the Convention Center, Chinatown, Washington Square, Broad Street, the historic old quarter 17th century, Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall, Independence Hall and the statue of " Rocky III "in front of the Art Museum of Philadelphia .... as to the business district it includes some of the tallest skyscrapers of the United States the Best Quality