The site of Petra, located in Jordan is a relic of the most impressive past. The place was under occupation Nabataean although seeing the buildings you will think of Roman architecture. If you plan to spend a day or two on the spot, you will be away to regret. Things to see and do in Petra: The site is now a World Heritage of UNESCO which means that you will not know where to turn to get to visit all. The most important places to see and it is good to know that the entry is € 20 per adult and € 10 for children: - The theater Petra: archaeologists have estimated that it could accommodate three thousand spectators. While it is now in poor condition, but it remains just as majestic. - The Great Temple of Petra It was discovered at the beginning of last century. Its size and multiple columns have earned its name. This certainly amaze you, it is the fragment of a mosaic dating back two centuries and which still retains its colors of old. - The royal tombs of Nabatean kings: are four in number. This is an obligatory stop if you go to Petra. These tombs are carved into the mountain and you will be intrigued by their sharpness despite their incredible size. The most impressive of the four is called the Tomb of the Urn. The corners where to sleep: Since the ancient kingdom was opened to tourists a century before, a project involving the construction of luxury hotels has been created at the end of the last century. The hotels in Petra are listed below