Pays Basque Espagnol

The Basque Country is the southern extension of the French Basque Country. The two entities become separated, besides the political border, the Pyrenees. The coasts of the Basque Country are marked last reliefs of the Pyrenees, opening place of beautiful beaches framed by cliffs. The sea is clear, sometimes agitated beautiful waves. One bathes, one bronze, and it is also walking up and down the waterfront, a popular activity in the area. History of the Basque Country Basque s' proud to have a unique identity of their own, that is to say, separate from Spain. It is acknowledged by all, that the Basque people is one of the first civilizations in Europe. In fact, the Basque language was used long before the Indo-European languages ??such as Latin and Celtic from emerging, there is this 3,000 years. That is why the Basque language is used with Castilian, which is the official language of that region. Moreover, this area is well known for its cultural, widely claimed, since part of the population wants independence of the Basque Country. Indeed, the claim of Basque identity is very visible in the Spanish part: enrollment and separatist flags are found in many villages. Spanish Basque Country, land of a thousand festivities The Basque Country is the southern part of the Basque Country located in Spain. The climate is influenced by the ocean At

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