Capital of the Autonomous Community of Navarre, Pamplona is a city to discover. Between its breathtaking beaches, its vineyards or his generous nature, it is sometimes difficult to leave the country! But that's not all, Pamplona also conceals hidden treasures she inherited from its history. A city to discover! Things to see and do in Pamplona Pamplona is a beautiful Basque city with 1001 facets to its visitors. Enough to satisfy the most demanding! cultural trip: You should know that the city of Pamplona is very old. It would, originally, a Roman camp, which was founded in the fifteenth century in 1423 exactly. From that time, the architecture of the city remained impregnated. The fortress church of San Nicolás, the twelfth century may also testify. A visit to the church is interesting even if the ideal place to rest, however, the Cathedral which is located near the city walls. You can see a typical architecture of Gothic art from the fifteenth century. City of Nature: Nature is everywhere in Pamplona. We can decide to tour the beaches. Just as beautiful as each other, sand quality is exceptional. We can also arrange a trip to the Pyrenees or discover the vineyards of the Rioja and do not forget to succumb to a tasting session. Spiritual Journey: Time for a visit to Pamplona can decide to discover the Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela. Who does not know this road so famous over the centuries. On taking the Way of St. Jacques, one reaches the walker Roncesvalles in Pamplona. At this level you can relax in a green environment and discover the Old Quarter