You are about to set sail for Palermo? So get ready to experience a stay at 100 per hour. The capital of Sicily is home to so many attractions, that it will provide no less than a full week, and even Palermo: a cacophonous city the Italian city of Palermo was founded around the 8th century BC. J. -C. cultural and historical heritage scattered around the city bear witness to a long history steeped in history. Palermo is a culturally vibrant city, besides numerous museums, events and festivities are regularly organized. the festival of dead celebrated November 2nd is a popular event where food is particularly made of pasta dei morti well as white sugar dusted cookies. celebrations to honor the patron saint of the city in the person of the Holy Rosalie held from 11th to 15th July. the shrine for St. Rosalie is built in the hills of Pellegrino rises. from the highest peak at 606 m of altitude, we can have a panoramic view of Palermo. The markets of Palermo surprise by their authenticity. It is a question of a place of incomparable scenery, the shelves are lined with food as well as diverse and varied objects. It is imperative to make a turn in the markets of Palermo, because it s' is a unique experience. You can get to the Borgo Vecchio market at market Ballaro, the Capo market, the market of Vucciria ..; The city of Palermo is characterized by some specific cacophonous animation. Also, those looking for some tranquility will not know appeasement in this part of Sicily. Noise is everywhere you go, especially in traffic where the use of the horn is particularly appreciated by the people of Palermo. Getting around the city is not obvious either. Nevertheless, we must be extra careful, because the lamps marked and passages are not always respected. be driving in the city is far from being easy exercise even more than the two motorized wheels are legion! Things to see and do in Palermo If the capital