City of art, Padua is located in Italy in the Po plain, 40 km from Venice on the river Bacchiglione. Padua fascinates many visitors who come every year to appreciate its cultural diversity and attractions that s' find. A step by Padua Padua is primarily a place of pilgrimage. Pilgrims s' will make throughout the year. This city is known for the Basilica Sant'Antonio, a church housing the relics of Saint Anthony of Padua who lived in these places in the thirteenth century. The church also contains several sculptures by Donatello which a famous equestrian bronze statue of the condottiere Gattamelata on the square of the Basilica of Saint Anthony. This small town of Art houses the Palazzo del Bo, which is the historic seat of the University of Padua. Padua Cathedral is a building which was repeated three times on the same location. In the middle of the sixteenth century, the project of Michelangelo to reconstruct the cathedral was approved. However, the structure of this beautiful church remained unfinished. To his right, one can enjoy beautiful frescoes of the same period. Moreover, Padua is home to the oldest botanical garden in Europe with a large collection of plants. From its rich past, Padua has numerous museums including the Museum Eremitani collecting pieces of archeology and paintings, including works of great artists such as Titian, Tintoretto, Giotto and Bellini. Or The Museo Arte Medievale e Moderna, where thousands of paintings are ex