Ottawa is Canada's capital. This is a beautiful destination for lovers of the great outdoors and offers in itself an exceptional setting. But Ottawa is also a city that has developed under the sign of culture. Between museums and cultural events, visitors are spoiled for choice. Things to see and do in Ottawa: Getting to Ottawa without enjoying its nature is a mess. So the first step is obviously to go to the meeting of Mother Nature in its most beautiful part. You can visit for example: The Gatineau Park: Imagine 361 kilometers of extended that offer you a wilderness redesigned sometimes by the man at the sight of these little trails that benefit visitors. To get there, it's not complicated, the park is right near Parliament Hill, opposite the Ottawa River in Gatineau. During a break on its beautiful paths, you can meet hundreds of species of birds and mammals. the day you can spend, biking, or organize a simply picnic bask in nature. You should know that in winter the park is covered in snow and it becomes the preferred place for all skiing and skiing. Entrance to the park is free. Canadian Museum of Fine Arts: not far from the park, located in downtown Ottawa, the National Gallery of Canada Museum offers a complete collection of visual arts representing the country. Very old, since it was founded in 1880 by architect Moshe Safdie, it offers several showrooms with Canadian galleries that include works by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven From the outside, one can see a high bronze sculpture of over 9 meters, very famous. It's called "Mother" because it represents a spider carrying in her womb a bag containing 26 eggs in March