Oslo is a city located in the state of Norway. It is geographically located on the northern limit of the Fjord of the same name. It has beautiful landscapes, bordered by green hills all around them. It offers grand views on the many islands in the sea. In addition, there are at least 343 lakes in the surrounding area. Tourists will hike in its various parks like Frognerparken. They will visit monuments such as the City Hall, the Nobel peace center, the Citadel of Akershus or Munch-museet. cultural and artistic stay in Oslo invites you to discover its artistic cultural heritage in a beautifully natural in the heart of an infinity of greenish plains. Get carried away by the diversity of its monuments. Its national gallery is a true mosaic of paintings, drawings and sculptures evoking the Norwegian story, told in a unique style by Palace Solttet 18th century. A little further on, around, a multitude of museums sits quietly between the outdoor museum, Norsk Folke-museum housing a hundred renovated traditional houses, the Viking, and that of contemporary art and architecture with thousands of masterpieces designed by Norwegian painters. Do not miss the most popular park in Oslo, eden named Vigeland virtuoso and the Voice of Gaou, welcoming visitors each year from the 4 corners of the world come to enjoy the Festival Voice of Gaou .Oslo is more than a city, a Norwegian real paradise to discover during your next vacation. More: http: //www.visitoslo.com/fr/