Halfway between Mont-Saint-Michel and https://www.cityzeum.com/guide/plages-du-debarquement landing beaches, off the beaten track, discover the elegance of an authentic and timeless Normandy . Welcome Orne! Stroll through the charming streets of an ancient city or a millennium village. Enjoy the elegance of lace Point https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/alencon Alençon and grace of the horse Pin National Stud. Chinez among junk and antique Perche. Rejuvenate in the enchanting setting of the tourist resort of https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/bagnoles-de-lorne Bagnoles-Orne. Enjoy a farmer Camembert accompanied by a glass of cider. Go hiking on foot, horseback, bike or canoe in intact and protected natural areas. Whether you are a gentleman farmer, flaneur, Epicurean & hellip; there is necessarily a style that suits you in Orne in Normandy. You are more hills and mansions, stud farms and apple trees, castles and picturesque streets, nature lovers & hellip; ? The Orne reveals every facet of his Normandy. His five countries are all ways to invent your stay. Country of Alençon, creator of emotions Covered west of a huge forest full of game, the Massif of Ecouves the country of Alençon has a talent renowned for its fine lace the & lsquo; 'Point of Alençon' 'and lives to the rhythm of its living traditions. Come walk in the footsteps of St. Teresa & agra

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