City heritage, culturally vibrant and engaging for its atmosphere, it is very easy to organize a weekend destination of Orleans, a small living room in which you will not have time to get bored ... From Paris for example, http : //www.tourisme-orleans.com/fr/accueil/ Orleans is easily accessible: it is not already a short drive, but the same trip takes less than an hour by train! Fast and convenient, it avoids parking problems while landing close to the city center of Orleans ... then, tram and bus used to move easily in the city, or to join his hotel for example. As such, hosting solutions are varied in Orleans two-three star hotels in the center and near the station, a few guest houses or apartment rentals in ... a solution that can s' be interesting if we travel to many. Otherwise, the hostel is the smallest budgets. Throughout the city of Orleans, is spoiled for choice for restaurants: pubs and bistros, gourmet restaurants or sandwich on the contrary, it is doing according to his budget. Besides the sights that we discover in Orleans same, do not hesitate to make time for a little excursion in the surrounding area without leaving far, advantage of the Loire by bike or a nice walk in the forest Orleans, two examples among many other possibilities. The fascinating city of Orleans French Commune located in west-central France, Orleans was ranked

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